Neurobotics Laboratory

A girl holding up a robotic arm that resembles a human skeleton A woman accepting her diploma at a graduation ceremony
This page is legacy content. The Neurobotics Lab has ceased existence as of Winter 2011.

At the Neurobotics Lab, we focus on creating bio- and neural-inspired robotic algorithms and systems and use them to understand human movements, advance robotic control, and rehabilitate/assist human movement capabilities. We are motivated to provide solutions for people who have difficulty moving around or manipulating objects, while we take pleasure in scientific and engineering contributions we make. Our primary target population is individuals with strokes, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries, Parkinson’s, Cerebral Palsy, amputees, and other injuries and disorders that inhibit daily activities. We are also interested in sports medicine, military, and entertainment applications.

The Neurobotics Laboratory is a place where multidisciplinary knowledge is encouraged and pursued. Example backgrounds of students/postdocs include: computer science, mechanical/electrical/biomedical engineering, neuroscience, physics, math, cognitive science, art, and medicine. We welcome MD / Ph.D. students.